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Don't Let An Injury Burden Your Family

An unexpected injury can wreak havoc on your livelihood: extended time away from work and the high costs of treatment and care often take a large toll on a family. Disability insurance will replace up to 70% of your normal income in the event of an injury or illness that prevents you from working. These benefits come in the form of monthly payments and are tax-free. This gives you the financial freedom to seek the very best therapy for yourself, while still providing for your family.

The two most important elements to consider when purchasing Disability Insurance is the Waiting Period and Benefit Period. The Waiting Period is the length of time before your benefits kick in. This can be anywhere from 30 to 180 days or more. The longer the Waiting Period, the cheaper your policy will be. However, you must remember that during this period you will likely not have any income. The Benefit Period is the length of time in which you will receive your insurance payments after the injury. This is commonly in the range of 2 to 5 years, or up to age 65.

If you are self-employed and working in an occupation where injury or illness is possible, Disability Insurance is vital. We will help you find the most affordable and ideal plan for you, catered to your individual needs. Contact us today.

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