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Unfortunately, we all get sick every so often. Everyone needs medical care. Thankfully, a portion of this care is provided by our provincial governments. However, plans such as OHIP leave much of the costs to the individual. Dental, optical and drug costs are not covered, in addition to chiropractic and dermatological care. Many other tests, examinations and procedures are excluded, too. When adding up these costs for an entire family, the tally can be insurmountably large.

A Medical Insurance plan will cover all the basics, including dental and drug, with many optional additions catered specifically to your needs, such as travel emergencies, vision care, accidental death and dismemberment. A comprehensive plan will cover all your health needs: chiropractic and psychiatric care, physiotherapy and massage, nursing, prosthetics, hospital expenses and more. You will have the peace of mind knowing your family is taken care of.

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