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Ensure a guaranteed flow of income for your retirement

Did you know that only one in four Canadians has a guaranteed pension from their employer?* The remainder is obliged to save up their own funds to enjoy retirement – and with better healthcare and longer life spans, the wealth needed for a secure future can be vast.  

Fortunately, there is a simple and low-risk way to ensure a guaranteed flow of income throughout retirement. PensionBuilder™ is a wonderful solution offered by ManuLife Investments, designed to store and grow your funds for a healthy retirement. 

Flexible and suited to your needs, a PensionBuilder™ fund can be opened at any age, and money that you contribute over the years are projected to grow by at least 5%, regardless of market downturns.** The plan comes with a host of additional features, including estate settlement, protection from creditors, and uninterrupted income for life for a surviving spouse or common-law partner. 

The flexibility of PensionBuilder™ also means that you may open either a registered or non-registered account. The former works similarly to an RRSP, with tax-deductible deposits permitted until the annuitant turns 80 years old. The latter is a limitless investment with deposits permitted until age 90.

Payouts from the investment can be received starting at age 50, allowing for an early retirement. Of course, the longer you save, the greater your returns. For example, savings of $100,000 contributed initially at age 45 are projected to yield a monthly income of $1146 at age 75.*** 

The payout can be even higher with Elite PensionBuilder™, which requires an initial minimum deposit of $1 million. Generally, however, PensionBuilder™ requires a minimum of only $25,000. Similarly, subsequent deposit minimums range from $100-$500, depending on the type of plan. 

Thus, ManuLife's PensionBuilder™ offers secure, guaranteed growth of your money, with a variety of additional features catered to your individual needs. With PensionBuilder™, you can have both the flexibility and security of a great retirement.

FTIC can help you design the ideal guaranteed income plan for your post-working years, making the most of your hard-earned savings. Get in touch with us today!

  • * Statistics Canada, 'Pension Plans in Canada and Labour Force Survey', April 2009

  • ** Based on the Single Life Payout Option and assumes no withdrawals are made before, or excess withdrawals after election age. 

  • *** Based on the Single Life Payout Option and assumes no withdrawals are made before, or excess withdrawals after election age. Amount includes the annual Income Benefit and an annual Income Bonus of 5% when income is deferred. 

  • This publication contains opinions of the writer and may not reflect opinions or Global Maxfin Investments Inc. The information contained herein was obtained from sources believed to reliable, but no representation, or warranty, express or implied, is made by the writer or Global Maxfin Investments Inc. or any other person as to its accuracy, completeness or correctness. This publication is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any of the securities. The securities discussed in this publication may not be eligible for sale in some jurisdictions. If you are not a Canadian resident, this report should not have been delivered to you. This publication is not meant to provide legal or account advice. As each situation is different you should consult your own professional advisors for advice based on your specific circumstances.

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